Thursday, May 7, 2020

Serving Jewish People during Pandemic COVID 19

Jeff serving Jewish husband and wife in Kyiv 
"Shalom, This is Rabbi Igor calling. How are you doing during this quarantine?"  A pause, then the crackling voice of concerned response, "Yes, I am okay, but I just wish this time would pass and that everyone would stay healthy."

Elderly Jewish people are especially in need of assistance with some food items and just basic help running some errands during this quarantine.  Your support of Messiah's Compassion has allowed us to help dozens of Jewish people in Kyiv, Zaporozhye, and Odessa. Likewise, families who have lost work during this pandemic period, are truly grateful for the food package gifts. Pastor Igor and I
Messianic Rabbi Igor assisting Jewish mother and daughter
always look for opportunities to pray and encourage these individuals and families. The actions of the Messianic believers are speaking words of life, making an impact on lives. We believe that we will see a harvest of Jewish people coming forward to Messiah as Savior. We remain faithful to pray and assist those around us in Ukraine. 


ISRAEL: Messiah's Compassion has assisted Return to Zion Messianic Congregation during this quarantine too. Leader Leon Mazin has been doing internet live Shabbat services during this time, and their outreach to needy Jewish immigrants has continued to be operational at their ministry center in Haifa. They are doing an awesome work of encouragement and tangible support during a critical time in Israel. Pray that many Jewish people will open their hearts to Yeshua (Jesus).

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Serving Prior to PASSOVER in UKRAINE

Jeff with Jewish man in Kyiv
Pastor Igor of Magen Israel congregation serving Jewish lady in Kyiv
Though we have been really limited in mobility in the city, ministry among the Jewish people continues. The quarantine has been extended here in Ukraine until nearly the end of April. Before more restrictions were put into place, Pastor Igor and I were able to deliver several food packages to needy elderly Jewish people who were staying in their apartments. Some would meet us out at the entrance of their buildings or in the hallways. We prayed for several people who needed physical strength, healing, and peace of mind during this troublesome time. It was so good that we have been able to speak words of hope into their lives, highlighting the fact, Jesus (Yeshua) is truly the Prince of Peace. Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers for Messiah's Compassion!

Several Messianic Jewish congregations are doing their worship and teaching via internet since the quarantine here in Ukraine and Israel. It has been a blessing to see how many Jewish people are actively engaged on line. Pray for those nonbelievers seeking truth to hear, perceive and receive words of the Resurrected One!

Dear family and friends in USA, I am in continual prayer for you too. ADONAI is with us -"Emmanuel". 

Friday, March 20, 2020

Serving Jewish People during PURIM

Gennady with disabled Jewish man in Odessa
Jeff ministering to Jewish Mom and her daughter
As I write you from Ukraine, I really want to express gratitude for your consistent prayers during these critical days in our world. 

The LORD's favor has directed us toward many good things in ministry among Jewish people during Purim in both Kyiv and Odessa. 

Rev. Wade Clark, while preaching an encouraging Word about God's love, really blessed the Magen Israel congregation here in Kyiv. I (Jeff), a week later, spoke at three Odessa Messianic Jewish congregation locations.

One hundred eighty-two food packages total have been purchased for needy Jewish families in Kyiv and Odessa outreaches. Thank you friends, family, and congregations for making that possible with Messiah's Compassion!

Please now continue to pray as Ukraine has entered in to a quarantine. Most all transportation and stores have temporarily closed and no meetings of more than 10 people are permitted until early April or otherwise notified. The believers here are standing firm in their trust in Yeshua (Jesus). I am safe and have a good place to stay. I have His peace.

Saturday, February 15, 2020


Serving retired Jewish man a food package in Kyiv
Thank you ever so much for the prayers during this early part of 2020! It has been an extremely busy time for Messiah's Compassion to do the necessary bookkeeping and make plans for this year's projects and outreaches since getting back to the USA  from Ukraine toward latter December 2019.

The next outreaches will begin in the first week of March in Kyiv, Ukraine with Magen Israel Messianic Jewish congregation. Departure date has been set for March 3rd. We will go on to Odessa, Ukraine in mid-March from Kyiv to minister there in three congregations, and do visitations with the food package ministry throughout the city. Please pray for effectivity and favor of the LORD in each place our team ministers. 

There are a lot of plans that need to be set in place for a number of weeks for the Purim and Passover outreaches this year in Ukraine. Thank you for your steadfast prayers, as this Spring, it's the desire of Messiah's Compassion to make even a stronger impact into the lives of Jewish people through the Passover Seder dinners. We want to reach non-believers in the Jewish communities by sharing the life changing message of Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) with them. 

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Blessed is the one who finds himself pressing on toward an intimate prayer life with ADONAI daily! Though 2019 on the calendar is history, there is so much to pray for in 2020. I would like to genuinely thank all of you who had been praying for the recent trips into Ukraine - months of September -October, December 2019.


-Fifteen Jewish people came to faith in Messiah during the past two outreaches.

-The transition of leadership in the Kyiv Magen Israel congregation has been going well.

-2020 plans for Messiah's Compassion involvement to a greater level in Ukraine and Israel

-Good health during many travels and my uncle Ron Simek who accompanied me in Autumn.

-New churches and individual partners in prayer and support that have been active in 2019.

- Opportunities to speak in Oklahoma churches.

Jewish father and son in Odessa, Ukraine


- Increasing clarity of plans for 2020 outreaches and more effectivity for longer periods overseas.

- Spiritual strength and wisdom for each congregation leader in five locations in Ukraine and two locations in ISRAEL.

- Good health and energy levels to minister with joy and endurance.

- Pray against recent sharp rise in anti-semitism especially in USA and Europe.

- Pray for Messiah's Compassion to make more connections the U.S. pastors / churches and individuals.

- Increased sensitivity of the Holy Spirit for personal and ministry spheres.

- Bold obedience to step out in faith in reaching Jewish people at new levels regarding the supernatural: healings, spiritual gifts, intense intercessory prayer, and expression of Messiah's great love.

Monday, December 9, 2019


Foods purchased for Hanukkah Kyiv outreach to Jewish people
I have been asked so many times in churches and by individuals, "Are there still Jewish people living in Ukraine? Haven't they all returned to Israel by now?"

Thousands of Jewish people are still here in this country, as I write this in Kyiv, the capitol. Some estimates are as high as 250,000 remaining Jewish people in Ukraine. We do not know the true numbers, but the reality is that many of the older Jewish people have chosen to stay here because of various health or financial reasons - meaning they do not feel they could adjust to a new country. Primarily it is very expensive to return to Israel unless they have family members or an organization that can sponsor them.

Messiah's Compassion is working diligently to help these Jewish people who still live here and need to hear the good news of Messiah. We help provide some basic food packages through the local Messianic Jewish congregations. Secondly, we assist Messianic Jewish congregations to get established by encouraging their leaders and people by teaching, preaching, and developing friendships. Thank you for those who already support and pray for Messiah's Compassion, and please pray that we can become even more effective, seeing many more Jewish people come to faith and followers of Messiah Yeshua (Jesus).

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


Recent weeks in Israel have seen great numbers of rocket attacks launched from the Gaza strip. The terrorists sent at least 450 rockets in a short period of time into southern and central areas. Though a cease fire deal was brokered in the south, rockets from Syria were launched into the Golan Heights a short time ago. Thankfully, anti-missile equipment intercepted each of these. Israeli Air Force then carried out counter attacks upon the terrorists there sponsored by Iran.

Secondly, pray for the political stability of Israel. Two elections have not produced a coalition government and now it seems a third election is inevitable. Pray for believers in Israel to remain in focus on their call to represent and share Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) in the midst of a lot of political turmoil. Pray for a government that will be favorable toward Messianic Jewish believers who truly love the land of their forefathers. Pray for all believers to discern the LORD's will for their daily lives and to boldly share their faith in a contextual way to cause nonbelievers to become desirous of a relationship with the living Messiah.