Thursday, June 16, 2022


Dear pray warriors and partners in this ministry, your faithfulness is not unseen or ineffective. Jewish people are still being reaching reached with food packages, medicines and visits by faithful pastors and volunteers in Kyiv, Odessa and Zaporozhye. The situation on the ground has even become more critical. Rocket attacks are frequent in Odessa and Zaporozhye areas. Messiah's Compassion is standing in prayer and sending support for those who have not been able to evacuate for various reasons. Please keep praying for an end to this senseless and awful war. Please pray for the Kyiv congregation who have lost contact now for a few months with a member who was last known to have traveled to Poland. His name is Hamlet, and his wife and children are extremely concerned about him. 


Monday, May 30, 2022

Reaching Jewish People during The WAR


                                                          Photos from Odessa, Ukraine 

Hundreds of Jewish and Slavic people are being reached through your faithfulness to Messiah's Compassion during this war in Ukraine. I was just recently in Kyiv. Our LORD continues to work through very dedicated Jewish Messianic Pastors in Ukraine; we especially see evidence of their ministry in SE Ukraine and in Kyiv, and Odessa. Many food packages and medicines are being delivered every week. Thank you for your steadfast prayers that this war would cease and that peace would come to the region.

Friday, May 6, 2022


Messiah's Compassion  appreciates the steadfast prayer and support for the Jewish and Slavic people during this turbulent time of war in Ukraine and instability in this world. (Jeff) I was able to visit a synagogue south Czech Republic recently. Pray for the small Jewish population in that city to be open to discover the Jewish Messiah (Jesus) whom was prophesied in Jewish Scripture (the Bible). It was great to have a short conversation with one Jewish man who spoke both Russian and English with me. He was very friendly, assisting me with the Prayer book for the service.  Another recent event to promote and pray for Israel took place in Teschen, Poland on the Czech border. Two soloists sang Hebrew songs and were accompanied by musicians and Hebrew dancers in the cultural center. 

In early April, Jeff had the opportunity to lead a Passover Seder dinner for the local Czech Pentecostal congregation in Cesky Tesin. The pastors and workers did such a wonderful job organizing the dinner and preparations for the special event. Yeshua (Jesus) is our Passover Lamb, who paid for our deliverance from sin.

Messiah's Compassion continues to send support to purchase foods and medicines for Ukraine to assist Jewish people still in Kyiv, Odessa and Zaporozhye. Each city has experienced rocket attacks and threats of invasion. Likewise, support is regularly sent to help ministry in Haifa, Israel for Return to Zion congregation who is serving new Jewish refugees coming from the war in Ukraine. Your prayers and giving are effective for His Kingdom's purposes. Thank You!!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Vanda Semyonovna Obiedkova 

This precious 91 years old holocaust survivor perished in Mariupol, Ukraine this week. She survived Nazi German invasion by hiding in a basement, but this time she did not survive the terrible invasion by her neighboring country. How horrible and sad!

Please pray for the precious Jewish and Slavic people of Ukraine. I have close friends who are near the heart of the war zones. Our congregation partner leaders in SE Ukraine had to evacuate due to heavy fighting that has come to their city. They are doing their best to return so they can deliver foods to the remaining elderly and other needy Jewish people.  

Keep praying for peace in Ukraine and in Israel. Israel has been repeatedly targeted with terrorist attacks prior and during Passover. There have been riots in Jerusalem and rocket attacks in the south. Fortunately, not all news there is bad. Newcomers from Ukraine are arriving and receiving aid and prayers in Israel, escaping the war.

Messiah's Compassion is supporting efforts to bring food and medicines to the needy in Ukraine, helping refugees in Europe, and sending support to ISRAEL for refugees there as well. Thank you for your generosity! 

             Foods to support war victims in Ukraine

Monday, April 11, 2022

                                     Refugee family from Ukraine temporarily in Warsaw

Messiah's Compassion, partnering with other organizations, was able to purchase a washing machine for a Messianic Jewish family in Warsaw who are hosting another refugee family from Ukraine. Unfortunately, their old washer quit functioning. and due to the generosity of donors, we were able to give funds to help them obtain a new one. Thanks for your faithfulness in blessing the Jewish  and Slavic people who are suffering. Messiah's Compassion is working on distribution of humanitarian aid through two or more various ministries who transport in foods and needed items for those remaining in Ukraine. We likewise have fellow believers in Kyiv and Odessa who are personally delivering foods to people in need. God is doing a deep spiritual work among Messianic Jewish and Slavic believers during these critical days. Thank you for your faithfulness in continued prayer for peace in Ukraine and especially in ISRAEL too; since many terror attacks have taken place over the past weeks.  Messiah's Compassion continues to send support to a congregation in Haifa that is assisting new immigrants and war refugees. One Israeli official says that they could possibly receive 100,000 Jewish refugees and others who are from former Soviet countries and Eastern Europe. God is sovereignly gathering His people to the Land of Promise. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Jeff in Krakow, PL with two members from Kyiv congregation 

The war is nothing short of a real nightmare! I still have close friends back in Ukraine in harm's way. We pray for them daily.

Thus far, Messiah's Compassion has been able to assist several families and individuals who recently evacuated from Kyiv, Ukraine. I first met with believers from our Messianic Jewish congregation in Krakow, Poland. That family went on to France where they found temporary housing. The next evacuees from Kyiv whom I met were staying temporarily in Warsaw with friends in a very small apartment. I was able to connect with the Czech Pentecostal churches and find them housing in NE Czech Republic. It has been amazing to see how both Polish and Czech believers are actively engaged in serving thousands of evacuees from Ukraine. Each country usually has a humanitarian aid welcoming center where evacuees can get food, water, needed clothing, and mobile phone sim cards functional for the arrival country. 

During the course of time in Krakow, Poland I met with a Messianic Jewish family who was helping both Jewish and non Jewish evacuees out of Ukraine and to find temporary housing in Poland, Germany, Israel, and Norway.  Messiah's Compassion financially assisted this Messianic family since the father had taken off work for about 3 weeks to organize all of these activities. They have several children and the special offering was really appreciated. Additionally, Messiah's Compassion was able to financially assist another evacuee who is a Messianic Jewish pastor from a suburb of Kyiv who was in transit to another country. We prayed with this pastor and another woman evacuee accompanying her. 

My good friend Leonid is a Jewish Messianic leader in Odessa, Ukraine who has helped dozens of Jewish and Slavic families evacuate to Moldova. Many of these families have now gone on to Berlin, Germany for assistance and temporary housing. Pastor Leonid continues to hold shabbat services and recently during a Purim service 14 visitors (Jewish and non Jewish) came and prayed for salvation, receiving Jesus as Messiah! 

Pastor Alexander in SE Ukraine, another Jewish Messianic leader, has been purchasing foods for needy Jewish individuals and families in his city of Zaporozhye. They have continued to have online services via zoom. Several of his Jewish and Slavic members have evacuated recently to Poland.

I am praying to set up a temporary base in Cesky Tesin, Czech Republic about 4 hrs from the Ukraine border. (Please continue to pray for direction, as my ministry vehicle and many belongings, Bibles are still back in Kyiv, Ukraine.) The Czech leaders here have been so open to show compassion and some of the pastors regularly pray for Israel and the Jewish people. With the Lord's help, Messiah's Compassion can reach out from here to both Ukraine and Israel. Additional support has been sent to a partner congregation in Haifa, Israel where they are expecting many new immigrants to come from Ukraine. Let's pray that many Jewish people come to receive prayer and practical help there so their hearts will be open to the good news of Messiah Jesus.


Thursday, February 17, 2022


New Jewish believer w/ Pastor in Poltava

I (Jeff) want to thank you for your ongoing steady support and especially for the prayers for the recent ministry among Jewish people in Poltava, Ukraine. Three Jewish people prayed to receive forgiveness of sin and accept Yeshua as Messiah! The Messianic Jewish congregation was so warm and receptive during the preaching of the Word. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and the potential to begin going there periodically to reach out to more Jewish people in this beautiful central Ukraine city. 

Thank for prayers for peace and that the opposers of the Ukrainian nation would back away and allow people groups to live in freedom without the constant pressure of a full invasion. There is not outright panic in Kyiv, but rather vigilant preparation for the potential of greater conflict country wide instead of just the Eastern part of Ukraine. Please pray for revival among Jewish Messianic congregations and especially all evangelical churches to come closer to the LORD in prayer and unity. 

Pray for my planned return trip to Ukraine in early March to assist many elderly Jewish people in need. It was necessary for me to return to the States for a few weeks to do closing 2021 accounting and conduct a scheduled annual Messiah's Compassion board meeting. Pray for wisdom, divine protection, provision and a way to enter into ISRAEL during 2022 to serve more Jewish people there too.