Monday, January 9, 2023

Blessing the Jewish and Slavic People in Ukraine

Messiah's Compassion continues serving during these difficult days of war to reach out and assist Jewish people in Ukraine. Our faithful partners in ministry are active on the ground. Photos above are recently from Odessa where Pastor Leonid V. and his workers consistently serve in two locations for congregation services each week. Many Jewish and Slavic people are being served in Zaporozhye each month as well. Likewise, Messiah's Compassion is forever thankful for the volunteers who deliver foods in Kyiv, the capital. Your faithfulness is making a real difference in lives of people hurting during difficult times. Jewish and Slavic people receive prayer and hear the good news of Messiah! Gratefully, Messiah's Compassion was able to help purchase a ministry van for the Odessa congregations to purchase and deliver humanitarian aid. Thank you for blessing the Jewish people!

Sunday, December 11, 2022



In November, Messiah's Compassion witnessed firsthand the many difficulties the Jewish / Slavic people are facing in their daily lives in Ukraine. It was an honor to visit many Jewish families and distribute food packages and some medicines to those in need in Kyiv. Daily for several hours the electricity is being shut off. Millions of people have lack of adequate heat and even water during some of most cold months of the year. Please keep praying for the endurance of the Jewish people and the partner congregations with whom Messiah's Compassion works in Ukraine. The Good News of Messiah Yeshua continues to go out to the people via internet zoom meetings in Zaporizhya and live meetings in Odessa.  Morning prayer meetings commence on each day via internet for Kyiv, and Messianic Jewish believers scattered in Europe due to war evacuation. Thank you for your faithfulness in Prayer and in Giving!

Sunday, November 20, 2022


                                              Jeff with a Jewish man in Kyiv 


 Messiah's Compassion is still active in supporting Jewish people with food packages and medicines during this tragedy of war. The Jewish people send you their heartfelt thanks for not forgetting about them during these turbulent times. Currently, nearly the entire country is without stable electricity or heat, and right as winter is starting. Hanukkah is starting soon during the month of December, and Messiah's Compassion likewise wants to bless Jewish people with needed food items for the holidays and daily life. Hearing air raid sirens daily, viewing air defense systems launched, and searching for a safer place to stay is all a part of the reality of living in Ukraine. Messiah's Compassion still reaches out to Jewish /Slavic refugees who have fled for safety to Europe. Recently, another person from Kyiv has come to Czechia and the local Pentecostal church has helped locate an apartment for this individual. Messiah's Compassion has provided for transportation from Kyiv and for other food expenses during the trip. Your ongoing support to Messiah's Compassion is making a significant impact in assisting people in their time of great need. This ministry is truly grateful to you and wishes you a very blessed Thanksgiving Season!

Saturday, November 5, 2022

Jewish People Seeking Refuge

Recently, Messiah's Compassion had the opportunity to serve a Jewish family from SE Ukraine. They have just arrived to an area close to Prague, Czech Republic. Needed food items and additional funds to buy necessary items were provided by Messiah's Compassion donors. One middle aged Jewish man is a post stroke victim, with his elderly mother, and three other family members evacuated following two missile strikes near their apartment in Ukraine. Messiah's Compassion is helping these and many other Jewish/ Slavic who still remain in the war zone areas. What a privelge it is to minister to these precious children of Israel! They warmly received us and appreciated the prayer time together. Jeff had previously met the elderly Jewish lady a few years ago in Ukraine. 


Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Praying for the Jewish People during the FALL FEASTS

It has been a great blessing to worship in some Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel during September! There is a good atmosphere of expectancy regarding the LORD to do new things in the Land. Well over 30 thousand Jewish and Slavic / Jewish refugees have come to ISRAEL since February. Please pray as several congregations there that are reaching out with (food, clothing, household goods) compassion to these new immigrants and refugees. Messiah's Compassion (partnering with local Israeli ministries) is connected by supporting these who need assistance too. The top photo is from Haifa, Shavei Zion Ministries, and the lower photo is from Tabernacle of David congregation in northern Galilee. Pray that Messiah's Compassion can more fully engage on the ground in the Land of ISRAEL. It is obvious that this year will be a time when more and more Jewish people will return to the Land from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. 

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Blessings Jewish People in ISRAEL

Praying for the Jewish people and others who live here in Israel is one of the most significant ways to bless ISRAEL. Visiting locations that have importance in Scripture help us better understand the context of the original People to whom Scripture was given- by which the Word of God comes into revealing full color. Thanks for helping Messiah's Compassion support different needs among Jewish people in Israel. It's an exciting time to be present here! While here in the Land, visiting Jewish Messianic congregations is a privilege and an honor. 

Thursday, September 1, 2022

Intercede for Jewish People in ISRAEL and worldwide

Messiah's Compassion recently was able to Auschwitz -Birkenau WWII concentration camps located in Poland. More Jewish people perished in this death camp than any other. It was a very emotional and heart-moving experience to see mounds of cut hair, shoes, purses, suitcases, eye glasses and other items stripped from the Jewish people. Seeing the remains of the demolished gas chambers was especially difficult, knowing so many died in that exact location. Please pray for the holocaust survivors and their family members who still mourn the loss of their family members and friends during those years. Interesting, there was an Israeli paramedics team touring at the same location, praying and singing Hebrew songs (in photo above). That especially was touching as the Jewish people now have a re-established homeland where they may reside, a Promised Land of Hope for them. And yet, they made the trip to Europe to remember those who sadly perished years before.

Messiah's Compassion has good news that the Messianic congregations and home groups in Odessa and Zaporozhye continue to meet together despite the war. More foods and medicines will be purchased  and distributed for the Feast of Trumpets for September. Jewish people who have stayed there in Ukraine still need support now more than ever. Pray for the faithful pastors who partner with is to distribute to those in need of assistance.  Thank You for your consistency in giving and prayers!!